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What is


Virus Bacteria Defender

Coronavirus COVID-19


is a Super Protection multipurpose for hands, Protects from Virus Bacteria Mushroom Molds 24/7, self-locking with magnetic detent.

Over 5 Years of Protection !  

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THEY ARE NOT GLOVES and while you are using Sanicarter you do NOT even need the Sanitising Gel. During the correct use of Sanicarter you can do your usual daily routine without risking touching contaminated surfaces and transmitting contact contamination.

World Novelty



SANICARTER protegge le mani contro i virus ( covid-19 )
With you everywhere,


Coronavirus COVID-19

is a protective barrier with permanent action. Through a controlled release of the active ingredient Ag+, a persistent and stable efficacy is provided until the end of the handle's life cycle.
is made of soft rubber that can be rolled and/or folded to take up as little space as possible.

the package is composed of 2 pieces handle with antibacterial action and 1 antibacterial fabric case

By interposing itself between the skin of the hand and the contaminated surface, it creates a water-repellent and impenetrable physical barrier to contaminants and can be used with or without the aid of finger passes.

is contained in an antibacterial case and taking up very little space can also be carried in your pocket.





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2 pieces handle SANICARTER
1 comfortable and practical handbag made of certified antibacterial material

100% MADE in ITALY



is a multifunctional hygienic protection device, with permanent antimicrobial action, able to exclude, within its perimeter of action, the risk of contagion due to the contact of the hand, or hands, of the individual, with contaminated surfaces of objects and handles of common and daily use.

is a handle made of thermoplastic elastomeric material for medical use with additives of powerful silver-based biocides. The broad spectrum action of the additives used gives the same antimicrobial characteristics. For the total safety of the end user, nano-silver tencology is NOT used.


a barrier to protect Your Hands!

Sanicarter protezione mani contro i virus batteri funghi muffe


is the first and only multifunctional hygienic device of its kind, a versatile product protected by patent pending.

through a production process that involves the use of the highest quality raw materials, boasts, in addition to antibacterial properties, an effectiveness on different types of viruses and molds.
through a high concentration of silver present in the active antimicrobial agent (technology patented by raw material manufacturers) incorporated in the constituent material SANICARTER, safely inhibits microbial prolification on it.
respects a strict production protocol that provides for the exclusive use of raw materials CERTIFIED FOR MEDICAL USE, ISO CERTIFICATE 22196:2011 (Determination of antibacterial action on plastics and other non-porous materials), ISO 846 (antibacterial activity and efficacy test).

Use SANICARTER, a real practical way with which you can be protected in your daily social life.

SANICARTER a UNIQUE product that can be used in various circumstances.
A barrier, a protection for your hands against viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds


Door handle

...when you have to grab a handle to open a door (office, bathroom, car, etc.), areas where viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. can be found.


Cart handle

...when you do shopping, placed on the cart handle, creates a barrier between the skin of your hand and the cart handle, a surface where viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. can be found (your hand, by not touching the cart handle, will not contaminate the products that you buy and take at your home).


Fuel pump

...when you have to grab the fuel pump grip to make gasoline, surface where viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. can be found.


Handlebar, bike, steering wheel

...when you have to grip the handlebars of the bicycle, the scooter, the motorcycle, the steering wheel of the car (shared vehicles), surfaces where viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. can be found.


Push Buttons

...when you have to press the elevator button, surface where viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. can be found.


Handle on transportation vehicles

...when you are travelling on public transportation vehicles and you have to grab a handle (bus, metro, streetcar, taxi, etc.) surface where viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. can be found.



...when you are in the gym and you have to grab the handle of machines and/or handlebars, surfaces where viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. can be found.



...when grasping and/or handling packages (cardboard boxes) etc., surface where viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. can be found.


Handle of trolleys, transpalets

...when you have to grab the handles of forklifts, luggage carts, transpallet, etc.


Various contaminated surfaces

...when you have to touch/grab any surface that you think can be contaminated...



...when you have to grab the handle of a suitcase, surface where viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. can be found.

...and remember that microbiological contamination of surfaces can occur by contact with other contaminated surfaces (objects, tools, hands, etc.) and by sedimentation (direct or indirect way). The contamination of surfaces can also occur by transmission through microscopic droplets of saliva that are emitted by a carrier through coughing and sneezing or even through phonation, droplets that fall on these surfaces!
FAQ & Instructions
Questions and answers on what SANICARTER is and its use SANICARTER and its use
SANICARTER is a real protective barrier realized through the fusion of medical plastics with powerful silver ion biocides.
SANICARTER is placed between the skin of your hand and the contaminated surface. All contaminants will stay under the SANICARTER surface and will not come into contact, within the SANICARTER action perimeter, with the skin of your hand. The silver ions come into action against the microbiological agents located on the surface that you touch or grasp.
In everyday social life all surfaces with which we come into contact are exposed to contamination.
YES, if you do not take the necessary precautions
Microbiological contamination of surfaces can occur by sedimentation (by means of microscopic droplets of saliva) emitted by a carrier through coughing and sneezing or even by phonation, droplets falling on the surface of objects). Surfaces can also be contaminated through other objects or contaminated hands. Once a surface is contaminated, it can easily act as a source of contamination.
YES, SANICARTER has a protective perimeter that can accommodate the protection of small hands and medium/large hands (medium/large size means approx. 20 cm from the base of the palm to the apex of the middle finger).
Through the use of a soft rubber, the fingerpads can be adapted to different sizes of fingers with standard sizes.
You can use SANICARTER by making it stick firmly to your hand through the finger passes.
Yes, through an automatic magnetic stop system, you can place SANICARTER on different objects and hold it without using the finger passes.
YES, through the automatic magnetic stop system you can keep SANICARTER fixed on a handle, trolley handle, gym equipment etc. and grab it when you need it.
First of all SANICARTER is created with a medical plastic material with a thickness of more than 2.5 mm that acts as an impermeable and impenetrable physical barrier to contaminants. In addition to physical protection, SANICARTER is enriched with a biocidal substance (silver ions) which is effective on different types of viruses, bacteria, mushrooms and moulds.
SANICARTER is made in soft rubber that can be easily folded or rolled up.
The protective action is permanent. Thanks to a controlled release of the active ingredient Ag+ a persistent and stable efficacy is provided until the end of the life cycle of SANICARTER glove.
YES, it is very important that after each use SANICARTER is stored in the special bag made of antibacterial silver ion material. Silver is historically known to be a human friendly metal, very bright, almost stainless and durable, but more than recently discovered are its toxic properties for most unicellular organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. It has been shown that even small concentrations of Ag+ silver ions within these pathogens lead to their death. The effectiveness of this technique lies in the ability of the silver particles, incorporated into the product matter, to release ions much more easily when coming into contact with pathogens, thus drastically reducing the population and eliminating the risk of diffusion. The antibacterial bag is the perfect container where the bacterial charge reduction process takes place. Since it is made of antibacterial fabric, it will help to prevent the proliferation and therefore to reduce the mycobiological charges present on objects that will come into contact with it, such as wallets, etc..
For a complete bacterial charge reduction cycle it is always recommended to keep the Sanicarter knobs in the bag made of antibacterial material.

SANICARTER has a transparent opaque colour. SANICARTER does NOT contain latex and is LATEX FREE.

NO, we use specifically plastic materials for medical use and for your complete safety we do NOT use nano-silver tencology.

Because it is a real practical protective barrier for your hands, an object that takes up very little space (even in your pocket), being versatile, is able to protect you in many circumstances...

Pathogens, present on the surfaces of objects with which you come into contact in everyday social life, can penetrate your body through micro wounds on the skin of your hand. SANICARTER, by interposing with its thickness of medical material with an antimicrobial action, between the lower surface of your hand and the contaminated surface, avoids this risk.
Because we consider it essential that all our products have an antibacterial action.
That the bactericidal activity is continuous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop.
NO, through the action of the biocidal silver ion additive, the prolification of contaminants is inhibited.
Certainly YES, with alcohol or soap or disinfectant solutions. Sanicarter, after washing it must be dried with paper or a clean cloth.
YES, all raw materials that are used in the production process are certified by our suppliers.
SANICARTER is 100% an Italian product.
The plastic material is certified for medical use. The silver ion additive is certified ISO 22196:2011 (Determination of antibacterial action on plastics and other non-porous materials) and JIS Z2801 (antibacterial activity and efficacy test).
SANICARTER has a conformation that makes it usable also by children. The use of SANICARTER by children can only take place upon parental decision and therefore under the full responsibility of use and supervision of the parents.
YES, SANICARTER can be used in all situations where your hands have to touch or grasp surfaces/objects that may be contaminated.
When you grab or touch: door handles (home, office, bathroom, transport, car, etc.), you are holding or touching the door handles. ), handles on refrigerated counters in supermarkets, handles on means of transport, handles on shopping trolleys, handles on trolleys for luggage transport, handles on trolleys for handling goods, staircase handrails, parcels/cartboards, lift buttons, intercom buttons, bags, suitcases, equipment in gyms, bicycle handlebars, motorcycle handlebars, steering wheel of transport, fuel pump handles and in many other circumstances where you intend to protect your hands from contact with contaminated surfaces.
When you grab an object SANICARTER will flex following the angle of curvature of your hand resulting in a covering perimeter that goes from the base of the palm to the apex of the middle finger (lower skin of the hand).
YES, Sanicarter is also ISO 22196 and ISO 846 certified.
Composition Knob/Glove: TPE-S thermoplastic elastomeric compound based on styrene for medical/pharmaceutical use, PP Polypropylene for food use, Active ingredient Ag+ (silver ion biocide), neodymium magnets. The active ingredients of the additive fully comply with the requirements of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) - Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Bag composition: 100% PL Polyester obtained from filaments with antimicrobial properties guaranteed by the presence of silver ions in the fibres.



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